Monday, 4 July 2011

An Appeal

This is just a short appeal post for two people.

The first is a Brazilian activist here in Palestine, who has been kidnapped by the Israeli state before her court hearing and transferred to the Oz Unit (the deportation unit). The activist was arrested whilst attending a peaceful demonstration in Iraq Burin, near Nablus.

The demonstration turned extremely violent when the soldiers fired twenty to thirty high speed tear gas canisters and rubber bullets directly at unarmed demonstrators as they ran down the side of a mountain to escape. The Brazilian activist was caught by soldiers as she ran, and has been in the hands of the Israeli state for 48 hours now.

There are no grounds for deportation and the entire process is illegal, but this will not stop Israel. ISM is asking for donations for the legal case to keep her here:

The second person is Sheikh Raed Saleh, who was arrested in London two days ago. The Sheikh is one of the most prominent campaigners for Palestinian rights in Israel and was invited to the UK to speak alongside MPs at 'Building Peace and Justice in Jerusalem'.

He was arrested under Section 3 of the 1971 Immigration Act as, according to Theresa May, he had been banned from the UK. When the ban was implemented or why has not been declared. This appears a clear demonstration of Westminster's support for Zionism and discrimination against the Sheikh for his pro-Palestinian stance. Please sign the petition demanding his release here:

Alternatively, email Theresa May personally on: And ask her why he has been banned.


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