Saturday, 16 July 2011

Yes, the BBC is Zionist

On July 13th, Ibrahim Omar Serhan was murdered by the Israeli military in Al Faraa refugee camp, near Nablus.

We were immediately informed and went to talk to the village and eye witnesses just hours after the attack, which is the most inhumane I have experienced since being here. Read our report here:

Today, the BBC reported on Ibrahim's death. Read their report here:

ISMers saw the trail of blood left by Ibrahim as he tried to escape from the soldiers, who hunted him down and left him to die in the road, where no ambulance could reach him. We attended the funeral. We spoke to his friends and family.

The BBC listened to the lies of the Israeli military and reported on it three days later. There was no stone throwing. There was no threat at all towards the military. This was cold-blooded murder, and the BBC reports the lies of the Israeli military.

I am glad I have witnessed this first-hand. I can assure you that the BBC, along with every other news channel are liars and complicit in covering up ethnic cleansing.

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