Thursday, 7 July 2011


Another quick post - my apologies; I will write something more substantial this weekend.

Our Brazilian activist has been released from prison after being held for five days without trial, having been illegally arrested on Saturday. This is some good news!

Tomorrow there are between 500-1000 activists flying into Ben Gurion airport and announcing that they are here to support the Palestinians in a week of peaceful actions. We're calling this the 'Flytilla' although, unfortunately, we don't expect many people to get through security as Israeli authorities will try to deport them purely on the basis of their support for the Palestinians. The biggest fear is that activists will not be allowed to board their planes in their country of origin, which means that the media may not get a whiff of it.

Personally, I am hoping that Israel suspect many unknowing tourists tomorrow of being activists and deporting them too, so that people who don't know what's happening to the Palestinians may be woken up to apartheid when it smacks them in the forehead.

So please pass this message on and look out for it on ISM news and Al Jazeera tomorrow.


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  1. It's been in the news in Wales
    Hope you are ok, and not one of the people who have been detained.
    Thanks for the blog